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How We Record

For recording, we use software running on a standard Windows PC. Our preferred software is Sonar produced by Cakewalk, a division of the Roland corporation.

Any instruments or vocals are channelled to the software via an external, dedicated sound card.

The Sonar product includes a number of software synthesizers which can be used in conjunction with any digital inputs e.g. from a keyboard.

It also includes digital sound effects such as reverb, delays, equalisers, chorus/flange which can be applied to individual tracks or to the whole mix.

Each instrument or vocal is recorded to its own track or tracks.

The software is used to mix the sounds to produce the final article.

Literally, all we require to record you is your own instruments plus microphones, the sound card, the computer, some speakers for playback and leads to join it all up. Of course, you also have access to the equipment listed on this website, should you wish to make use of it.